About Us

The ThomsenGroup was founded in 2002 to provide outpatient, community and mail order/refill center pharmacy, technology, pharmaceutical and distribution companies with a better understanding of how technology and automation impacts the business and practice of pharmacy. Christopher brings more than 30 years of global experience to the areas of business development, technology design and analysis, sales and marketing research.

Christopher Thomsen is widely recognized as the foremost authority on the topic and field of Pharmacy Automation and Technology, provides unbiased, vendor independent consulting and research services for private, public and government pharmacy operations.

Christopher Thomsen has provided product and market research services for AIG, American Capital, Chain Pharmacy Association of Japan, National Health System UK, Nomura Research Institute and is currently serving on the planning committees for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and National Association of Chain Drugs Stores (NACDS) Pharmacy and Technology Conference.